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Long-term vision and trajectory

With 12 years of experience, we have proven expertise in equity markets and provide fresh investment ideas for wealth building.

If compounding money has taught us anything, that will be ‘it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.’ With over a decade of experience in the capital markets, we use our expertise and experience in the world of investment, to help you make your money work for you.

We believe in practising what we preach, thus we invest in the same securities as we do for our clients, to solidify our trust and commitment towards mutual growth.

We started off as a registered partner of a reputed broking agency, but with our knowledge, research and calculated strategies with optimum risk-reward ratio, has helped us grow to a dedicated financial advisory firm.

We specialise in equity, derivatives,  commodities and currency market. We have a specialised software for algo trading in which we provide guaranteed systematic monthly/yearly returns. To know more click here.



More than 1200+ clients

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Average CAGR 65%


More than 700+ clients

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Moved from rented to own building at prime location in the city.


300+ clients

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Average investment grows by 700+%

Started back in 2011

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12+ years of experience in the finance market

We help your money work for you while you take your next vacation. With our diverse knowledge of the markets and our constant obsession with research, we design the best in business strategies to manage your portfolio.

Future is brighter when you’re with richwealth

We have a bunch of young as well as experienced professionals in our team to provide diverse ideas with a fresh perspective.
Understanding your investment goals
Understanding your risk appetite
Formulate a customised strategy
We implement and reinvent

01Keep learning

IT is pertinent to be up-to date with the financial news, and keep reinventing our portfolios. We invest heavily in our research and analysis to produce the best watch list for our clients.

02Keep unlearning

We do understand that markets are superior and we cannot fight it. We Keep testing and improving our strategies to gain steady returns. We follow a healthy risk to reward ratio of 1:2 for all our clients. If there's one tip that we would like to give to new investors it would be to respect your stop losses!

03Never to put all our eggs in one basket

We have knowledge in diverse markets and that gives us an added advantage to diversify our clients portfolio to minimize risk even further.

Our Team

We combine global expertise and local insight to help you

Director, Co-FounderPiyush Modhwadia


CEO, Co-FounderJiten Modhwadia


Relationship ManagerDivyesh Kesariya